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This lovely section of the blog will transport you to other places, literally!

Hannah, who writes The Warped Vinyl has been known to dabble in writing here and there and has contributed to other blogs.  Here is where you can find all that exciting content.  If you’re wondering if anything has been recycled, then fear not!  The links below are to different pieces about music.  So, please feel free and have a leisurely browse:


Sounds That Carry Across Borders : A discussion about how the Welsh music scene needs to transcend its linguistic schisms and anxieties in order to promote Welsh music in both languages around the world.


Cerddoriaeth Fud : Shedding light on the world of music for silent movies.

Gweld Dwbl? : Tribute bands.

Dathlu Diwrnod Siop Recordiau : An appreciation for independent record shops.

Ar draws y Gorwelion : An interview with Bethan Elfyn about the introduction of the BBC Horizons/Gorwelion scheme.

Beth nesaf i gerddoriaeth Gymraeg? : A discussion about developing the potential for Welsh language music.

Amser i ddathlu’n cerddoriaeth draddodiadol : A discussion about the health of traditional music amongst young people.

Yw hi wedi canu ar gorau? : How can choirs be saved in the demise of Church attendance?


Cerddoriaeth Iachus : A discussion about health amongst musicians in the music industry.

Allforiwch gerddoriaeth Gymraeg : Does the Welsh music scene need to consider its place as World Music?


If you like Hannah’s style and would like her to contribute content or write about music, please get in touch: thewarpedvinyl@yahoo.com

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