Prom 15: The ‘Godlike Genius’ of Scott Walker

Well, what an absolutely gem of a Prom. This is Prom 15 otherwise referred to as the ‘Scott Walker Prom.’ Just as with many of the musicians and composers featured in this series, I hadn’t heard the name Scott Walker before. I know blasphemy. My gosh, I will be repenting my sins for some years, this was pure indulgence.

This was a late night Prom with a late night feel – an after-the-party-is-over feeling. I could imagine myself in a bar where the men have loosened their collars to a backdrop of cigarette haze. It is very obvious that this is contemporary music, but it is much needed a this point and admittedly so refreshing to hear singing too.

I found this Prom to be a welcomed relief and a great combination of soulful pieces of music. The performances were tentative and full of classy sounds. They were jazzy and romantic and carried an air of nostalgia. This was a fantastic opportunity to relax and enjoy music without the intensity that can sometimes be found in symphonies.

This was a magical Prom- a creative use of sound. This is music that will linger and resonate for generations to come because it is timeless. I would really like to find an album of Scott Walker’s work.

This is a real contrast to some of the other proms, but certainly has its place. What a classic!