Prom 11 & 12: Ten Pieces Presents…Sir Henry’s Magnificent Magical Inspirations!

The Proms which feature on the weekends have been very much designed with families in mind and I quite like that young children have been considered in the design of this program. Prom 11 and 12 are a fantastic example of this.

This is the Ten Pieces Prom and as part of the festivities, children aged 7-14 years old have been asked to respond in a creative way. This is a concise and hands-on way of exposing children to classical music and there were also some fantastic questions from primary school aged children during the interval, including the most vital question, ‘what happens if you need to go to the toilet during a performance?’ I’m really glad that there has been input from children, it somehow makes this music more relevant to them.

The performance itself was very theatrical and approachable, we had fun narration from the founder of the Proms himself, Sir Henry Wood (!) The musical choices were really well thought out, each charged with imagination and sonically interesting too. This is quite a task, finding ten pieces of good music that would resonate with this age group, personally the Sitar Symphony was one of my favourites.

My only gripe with this Prom is that I felt that out of all the ones which are being televised this should have been on the list. It was so obviously theatrical that it would have been a delight to have visualised the whole performance and would really have made an impact. Maybe next year…